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A bit about VVCS...

The Vegan Vegetarian Cooking School was founded in 2009 after Angela Poch saw the need for an online or correspondence school teaching vegan cooking. The first hurtle was creating lessons that students could do at home on their own. Many feel they need hands on experience and with the DVDs'/videos plus lesson book and assignments students get just that. Real experience in the kitchen. While many students have chosen to simply watch the videos and not submit assignments others want to get their certificate of completion and we allow for both needs.


The recipes ARE plant based! And we always offer VEGAN alternatives if there is an egg mentioned. Due to extreme diet limitations of some people we do have the occasional recipe with egg but we do promote a plant based diet.


The VVCS teaches basic cooking in a fun and captivating way so that cooks of all levels will enjoy this course. We've never had any of the over 600 students say Angela is either boring or too difficult to watch. Angela Poch, your instructor has been on TV, airing on 3ABN several times over the last 7 years and she is well versed in video production. She is an experienced cook, educated health professional, and professional film maker. More about Angela Poch below.


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A bit about Angela Poch, CN (Certified Nutritionist)...

Angela Poch 2011Angela Poch: With over 30 years cooking experience, Angela Poch has researched healthful living for her family and friends, leading her to become first a vegetarian, strict vegetarian, then vegan (for approx 10 years), and now is a 'flexitarian" (2010 to current) - see exactly what is a flexitarian below.

A graduate in Nutritional Counseling from the Total Health School of Nutrition in Calgary AB, she continues to research health on a regular basis to help others have better mental and physical health.  Other credentials include: Certified Depression Recovery Program Director for over 2 years, Certificate in Lifestyle Matters, ASI member, Member of Physician Committee for Responsible Medicine, Food Safe Certification, Certified Life Coaching diploma, Certified in CBT Diploma, worked in a restaurant as a cook for two years, and has her Business Administration Certificate. Angela has been on both sides of the filming and TV industry in several professional cooking and children's shows and is comfortable behind and in front of the camera.

"A flexitarian is someone who is 'almost' vegan but flexible to the choices available. I live close to being a vegan but I weigh the time, money, environmental impact, health, feasibility, and so one of the choices I make. I sparingly use leather products vs synthetic garbage and occasionally eat eggs and... mmmmm, dare I say... even 'yuck' meat. I do believe in being a good steward of all of God's creation: animal, plant, and human. Perhaps we should embrace a new term - loveavore.  That includes living as healthfully as possible (love of ourself/God), taking care of God's creatures (love of God), and protecting the environment (love of others). I believe in stewardship, not just protection, embracing a balance. Using natural, sustainable products which means cutting down a tree or two (that can be re-planted) and using the skin of a dead animal (they do die naturally too!!) vs using synthetic, plastics that hurt the environment and economy but supporting big business instead of local business/farms/etc.. I believe the entire impact of our choices are must be weighed! With this philosophy one can be a logger and still an environmentalist. I've created a NEW website to celebrate this." Angela Poch

Having irritable bowel from her youth, Angela found lying on her back extremely painful along with other daily tasks, until a friend shared a healthier lifestyle.  She and her family became strict vegetarians (no dairy or eggs) in 1999, and this change improved her health significantly.  Due to the medical literature showing the benefits of such a lifestyle combined with exercise, Angela began to have a desire to share this good news with others. That desired to help others live happier, healthier lives drove her to hold health luncheons in her home with help from her mother, Diane as well as holding cooking schools across British Columbia for over 5 years.  After much prompting from friends, she set out to write a series of unique cookbooks for healthful living.  Having created and adapted many recipes for the Health Luncheons, cooking classes, and friends with food allergies and sensitivities, it wasn’t too hard to come up with the recipes needed.  In addition, a few recipes were donated or inspired by friends. 

She has also made gluten free/allergy cookbooks & health books & video courses due to the discovery of several food intolerances in her home. Angela also has several food sensitivities so is on a VERY restricted diet (no potatoes, no beans, limited wheat, no calciferous veggies, and the list goes on) and occasionally eats eggs to provide adequate nutrition. She continues to seek the most healthy alternatives and treatments.

Angela's son, Jordan Poch has his own vegetarian Kids cooking program: Happy Kids Cooking. His videos air in New Zealand on Firstlight TV Network. Jordan would like to do a series for teens now so that's a work in progress.

With help from her father Wayne Castellarin and husband Jim Poch, Angela started Higher Path Print & Production (formerly Sette Publishing) to photograph the food for the cookbooks and publish the books.  That in turn branched into photography, graphic design, video production, and low cost printing.  Angela graduated from the New York Institute of Photography in Aug 2007 and while photography continues to be a passion it has branched into video production. Weddings, nature films, lectures, school programs, and more.

Being diagnosed in 2011 with Fibromylgia, Angela understands the importance of a whole lifestyle approach to health. It's NOT just about the food we eat, but exercise, social support, fresh air, attitude of gratitude, helping others, and much more that affects our health and well being. Learn more with our health articles here.



" I particularly like the emphasis on nutrition. Angela demonstrates in a way that make me believe I can do it, too. She makes everything look easy and I appreciate her attention to organization and tidiness."

Helen, Lakeport, CA

"Great job Angela! You have put a lot of hard work and dedication into these lessons and it shows. Love the recipes and the DVD's.

Amy, Fairbanks, AK

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