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Vegan Vegetarian Cooking School - NOT just for vegans. Delicious recipes and health info for anyone.

Description: This course will give you a foundation in proper nutrition with a focus on optimal health using the last scientific research. It is aimed at anyone considering a healthy lifestyle, such as vegetarians, vegans, flexitarians, Mediterranean diet aficionados, or those looking at a career in health and wellness, such as a Nutritional Therapist or Wellness Coach.

This course is separate, but is a good perquisite for our Nutritional Therapy course, which dives into how food affects our bodies and how to use that to fight disease. You will benefit more from this course if you understand basic physiology, but it is not compulsory. We've made this course for all diets, but we do focus on vegan and vegetarian sources for nutrients and why those are such healthy diets. This is one you can share with your non-vegan friends. It will subtly show them the benefits to a vegetarian diet! So sign up or watch the FREE preview below for more!

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See below 'Table of Contents' for a few FREE lessons.

Section 1: Overview
Lesson 1: Introduction to Basic Health
Lesson 2: Overview of Nutritional Terms
Lesson 3: Understanding Food Labels & Claims
Lesson 4: The Science of Nutrition and Professionals

Section 2: Nutrition Details
Lesson 5: Carbohydrates – Sugar
Lesson 6: Carbohydrates – Starch
Lesson 7: Carbohydrates - Fiber
Lesson 8: Protein
Lesson 9: Fat - Omega 3, 6, 9 & Cholesterol.
Lesson 10: Iron & Zinc
Lesson 11: Calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium
Lesson 12: B Vitamins
Lesson 13: Vitamins A, C, E, K the Antioxidants
Lesson 14: Sodium & Potassium
Lesson 15: Trace Minerals, B12 & Vitamin D

Section 3: What to Avoid & Problem Areas
Lesson 16: Nutritional Deficiencies & Food Allergies
Lesson 17: Organic vs Toxic Chemicals - Finding balance.
Lesson 18: Fads, Trends, and Extremes in Diet

Section 4: Beyond Food
Lesson 19: Exercise unlocks nutrients
Lesson 20: Water
Lesson 21: Rest

Section 5: Putting it all together
Lesson 22: Calorie Intake & Menu Development
Lesson 23: Practical Application & Summary


Lesson One


Lesson Twelve

Regular price $150, Get it NOW for 50% off - CLICK HERE