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This ONLINE correspondence vegan cooking class is ONE of a kind, specializing in vegan cooking and vegetarian cooking and you can START ANYTIME!

Learn how to cook vegan in the comfort of your home with these cooking videos. This correspondence vegan cooking school uses videos and lesson booklets, mailed to your door, to teach you how to cook delicious, healthy vegan foods. The 60 to 90 minute videos include a demonstration of the lesson (usually 8 to 12 recipes), vegan cooking techniques, vegan health information, and more for the learning or established vegetarian. Or you can do this course online.

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If you'd like to be able to cook vegetarian dishes that wow your family, learn how to make healthy vegan meals and create tasty morsels of vegan food, then you've found what you've been looking for!


“I have a really busy schedule, so I love the convenience of the DVD's and lessons assignments that are accessible on the computer and that I can do at my own pace. I also appreciate your beginning with cooking basics—like tools, equipment, ingredients, etc."

Tara, Palo Alto, CA


Even non-vegans enjoy the food!

"My Chol. level has gone down and so has my weight... Although I will probably never be a total Vegan or vegetarian, it's nice to know that I can have the option of at least being vegan or vegetarian twice a week."

Richard, Littleton, CO


Here are some benefits of this DVD / ONLINE vegetarian cooking school series.

  • An mail order correspondence or online vegan cooking class.

    Save money by not having to drive to school or relocate.

  • 12 vegetarian cooking lessons with health tips and recipes.

    You won't get overwhelmed, just keep going at your own pace!

  • Multi-technique learning how to cook vegan recipes.

    There are different ways to learn, listening, doing, reading, watching. These lessons use them all to help you really understand the material.

  • Video training - see it all in action.

    You won't miss out on having an instructor because you will get to see a real cook demonstrating your lesson via cooking videos. Re-watch as often as you like.

  • Get all the vegan and vegetarian recipes you need and more.

    Not only will you get literally hundreds of vegan recipes, but you will learn how to make your own delicious vegetarian recipes.

We want people to enjoy their food, enjoy their vegan lifestyle, and not make that change a burden on their family. We understand how hard it can be on children when a parent makes a diet change like this so we want to make the food taste as good as possible. So many people surf the internet looking for good vegetarian recipes, but do not realize how to make it work. How can you tell a bad recipe from a good one? We'll teach you 100's of good recipes, taste tested by teens, non-vegetarians, and more.


"The Lesson are VERY GOOD!" "The recipes taste good!",
"The price is just right", "Worth every penny!", "I recommend this school to others", are just a few comments from our students! Click here for more comments.

Vegan & Vegetarian Cooking classes INCLUDE:

Lesson 1 - Getting Started Vegan Cooking - measuring, kitchen tips, organizing your vegan cupboards, and how to become vegan or vegetarian.

Lesson 2 - Ingredients - going over the most common and some of the uncommon ingredients used in vegan cooking, recipes and diet.

Lesson 3 - Cold Quick Breakfasts - Making up vegetarian recipes so your morning cooking will go quick.

Lesson 4 - Hot Breakfasts - Fill your gas tank with fuel for the road.

Lesson 5 - Sack Lunches - Ideas for you and your working spouse and children.

BONUS DVD from 3ABN on lunches

Lesson 6 - Hot Lunches - The best meals are at dinner time.

Lesson 7 - Simple Suppers - Eat light at night.

Lesson 8 - Healthy Vegan Holidays - How to make those special occasions taste great for your vegan friends! (This is part 1 - Fall & Winter holidays)

Lesson 9 - Healthy Vegan Holidays - How to make those special occasions taste great for your vegan friends! (This is part 2 - Spring & Summer Holidays) BONUS: Vegan cake decorating with fondant.

Lesson 10 - Bread & Spreads - Hearty grains. (Will cover gluten free bread, bread for the bread machine, and a few spreads too!) vegetarian cooking dvds

BONUS one hour program - 3ABN Today program "Easy Vegan Meal" with lemon pie, bean burgers, and more.

Lesson 11 - Soups & Crackers - Warm up on a cold day with this DVD on vegan soup.

Lesson 12 - Healthy Desserts - Pies & Cobblers - Hint, you can have these for supper or breakfast too!!!


“What a blast! In the comfort of your home, learning to cook delicious vegan/vegetarian food. I enjoy cooking with Angela! The recipes are delicious and easy to cook, the ingredients are available at any grocery stores. Lessons are well outlined and the DVD's easy to follow. Also you get nutritional info and extra recipes. And all of these at the very affordable price. I recommend this course to everybody interested in learning to cook and eat healthy!

Carmen, Siloam Springs, AR

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