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Nutrition & Wellness Coaching

Get One-on-One Nutrition, Health, & Life Coaching Sessions with Angela Poch. From time to time we need someone to talk to in our life about what really matters to us and how to accomplish happiness and success.

Angela Poch health coach certified nutritionist


Perhaps you've tried diets, read books, watch videos, but still struggle with positive lifestyle changes.  Maybe you are overwhelmed with how to practically apply it all to your life?  A life or wellness coach can be a helpful tool to getting you on the road to health using an integrative approach of body and mind.  We work as a team helping you in areas such as creating a wholesome diet, developing an exercise plan, ways to improve sleep, stress management, balancing relationships, and emotional wellness.  

A wellness coach is not a doctor or Dietician and cannot provide diagnoses or treatment of disorders and disease.  They are a guide to help you make your own choices to positive lifestyle changes which often prevent and even reverse disease.  To learn more about lifestyle and health take our free "Optimal Health" course here.  And to learn more about your coach, Angela Poch, click here.


How does it work:
We visit either by Skype/Zoom/phone or in person in Galloway BC, Canada (RV rental & RV space available).  During that session, we talk about your primary health goal and how to accomplish it.  Follow up sessions help to solidify that goal and create new ones. Get support and encouragement on your journey to health.


What you can accomplish:

* create goals for wellness

* make healthy lifestyle choices for longevity and quality of life

* choose the right food and recipes for you

* deal effectively with problem areas like food allergies, special diets, and so on


Office Hours:
7am to 11am MT – Monday to Thursday (contact us for available times)


OPTION 1: Personal Direction for Getting Started or a Quick Tune-Up (1 session)
Looking for a few quick tips to feel a healthier (and happier)? Need to create your primary wellness goal? Or just want a quick inspirational session with Angela? This quick one-time session of 45 min via zoom or Skype (or in person for locals), plus comes with a follow up email.

The cost is $150 CND. Buy NOW.


OPTION 2: Personalized Optimal Health (8 sessions)
Need more support?  Have a restricted diet and/or complications to your goal pathway?  Working on getting the most out of your health?  Get three months of help and support.  First session is 45 min, with a follow-up 45 min session 1 week later plus emails in between.  Then 6 – 45 min sessions either by phone or zoom/Skype (your choice) every 2 weeks with unlimited email support during that time.

The cost is $500 CND (save $400). Buy NOW.


OPTION 3: Long term support for Optimal Health (1 year of unlimited support)
Do you want a personal coach for reaching all your health goals?  Get one year of help and support.  First session is a live 45 min zoom/Skype session, with a follow-up 45 min session 1 week later plus emails in between.  Then 11 - 45 min sessions every month either by phone or zoom/Skype (your choice) with unlimited email support during that time.

The cost is $900 CND (save over $1000). Buy NOW.


OPTION 4: Monthly support for Optimal Health (monthly subscription based support)
Do you want a personal coach for reaching all your health goals?  Get monthly help and support.  One live 45 min zoom/Skype/phone session (your choice) each month with unlimited follow-up emails during your subscription. 

The cost is $89 per month CND (save $60 per session). Click the subscribe button below.


OPTION 5: On location in Beautiful British Columbia, a 10 day Optimal Health Vacation Program
Revitalize and immerse yourself in a relaxing lifestyle program for a vacation experience that will provide tools for optimal health. This 10 day, loosely scheduled, program includes 2 meals per day (you can have your third meal, should you choose to have one, at any of our local restaurants or in your/our RV), an exercise routine, two lectures, a personal session, and free time to explore the BC country side each day with two days completely to yourself. Can customize the program for your needs. World renown Fernie only 20 minutes away, Fairmont Hot springs only 1.5 hrs, and Fort Steele heritage 30 minutes away. Lakes, hiking, and much more all out our back door. The cost is $1800 CND per person, $2500 for two, friend or spouse, or $5900 for group of 4. Contact us for other group sizes.). FREE RV parking with - power and water (sanidump available), or rent our RV for an additional $500, sleeps 9 people. Group rates available. Contact us for details.


Sample daily schedule for in house lifestyle program (except Friday and Saturday - those are free days to do whatever you like):

8 AM breakfast

8:45 AM walk

10:00 AM lecture - two 45 min sessions with 15 min break.

11:45 AM prepare lunch, can watch or help or have free time, your choice.

1:00 PM lunch

1:45 PM walk

2:30 PM person/group session

3 PM and onward free time - go hiking, read a book, etc.

Images of our location:

In November it's crisp and can snow so bring warm cloths.

on location coaching


Even in the fall it's beautiful, cool nights, warm days.

fall higher path location


In the summer, enjoy our private pond with sandy beach.

health coaching


And where the nutrition magic happens!

kitchen health coach