Body Mind Health & Vegan Vegetarian Cooking School

Guiding you to complete health and happiness for body and soul!

This simple and easy course takes you step by step how to putting on a cooking class.

First download this PDF booklet (check your downloads folder if nothing happens). NEXT download the folder containing all the resources you need. CLICK HERE - it's over 58 MB so don't try with your phone! lOL.

Please do the ABOVE before watching the video or the video will be boring and not very informative in terms of how to do a cooking school. WE are working on a new, updated course on putting on a cooking school, sign up for our newsletter to be notivied when it comes available.

The video below is of an unedited REAL cooking class done many years ago when I first was getting started. It is a simple one camera shot and designed to ONLY be viewed after you read the booklet.

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