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  1. Questions about Vegan Vegetarian Cooking School Courses
  2. What Happened to Higher Path Store?
  3. What is Bragg's Aminos?
  4. What is Golden Seasoning?
  5. Where can I get the recipes shown on 3ABN?
  6. Do you have information on arthritis?
  7. I am hungry a lot. How can I eat vegan meals that will satisfy like the meat and cheese?
  8. Do you have information on light therapy?
  9. What about magnets and alternative medicine are they dangerous, did EGW say to stay away from them?
  10. What about Ellen White and Cheese?

Questions about Vegan Vegetarian Cooking School and the courses we offer.

Click here for the list of frequently asked questions about the school. Click here for a list of the courses we offer.

What happened to Higher Path Store?

We want to share health like never before! Because I want to spend more time creating materials I need to spend less time in marketing and updating my websites. So we've consolidated many of our websites and there is a real BONUS for you!!! Now you can get our health books and vegan vegetarian cookbooks online FREE right here. We still offer hard copies and you can download our catalog and order the old fashion way! Contact me if you have any questions! Angela Poch.

What is Bragg's Aminos?

Bragg’s Aminos is a soy sauce that is not fermented.  You can use any soy sauce or mix 1 Tbsp Marmite (should be available in larger stores) and 1 cup water (adjust to taste).

What is Golden Seasoning?

Golden seasoning is my recipe for chicken seasoning.  You can make the recipe click here yourself or just use any vegetarian chicken flavored seasoning.

Where can I get the recipes shown on 3ABN?

Recipes from the 3ABN show can be downloaded here as a PDF booklet.

Do you have information on arthritis?

I have a cookbook I wrote for those with arthritis "Nutrition 2 Fight Inflammation" Which accompanies the course "Nutrition 2 Fight Inflammation" Click here to learn more.  The recipes are very plain and simple (may take some getting used to) you can embellish as you like.  The recipes follow a diet that can help reduce and sometimes reverse arthritis by Dr. Thrash a USA physician.  This is why they are ‘extreme’ (no sugar, no gluten, no nightshades, no corn, etc.). We also have a course on this topic. CLICK to learn more.

I am hungry a lot. How can I eat vegan meals that will satisfy like the meat and cheese?

You need a balance of Fiber, Carbs and Protein in an adequate amount to feel satisfied   It depends on your how active your lifestyle is and how much you are used to consuming.  Some people, like myself, never really feel ‘full’.  It doesn’t matter whether I eat vegan or not, if I eat enough to feel ‘full’ I will start to gain weight.  Feeling ‘satisfied’ on the other hand can be done easily as long as I eat regularly with a mix of carbs, fiber and protein.  In other words I feel like I could eat more, but it is not uncomfortable.  My husband on the other hand needs lots of fiber to feel satisfied.

The so called average is based on 2000 calories, for the ‘average’ male aged 25-35.  Change the activity level, age, height or whether the person is male or female and you have to change how many calories are needed for a balanced diet.  People recovering from an injury need more protein and much less sugar.  People on a hard work out need simple and complex carbs.  Those who have brain issues or children need extra fats. For more on weight and weight loss click here.

Diet is not something that can be prescribe as an individual’s lifestyle, genetics, environment, and so on all play a role in how much you need to eat, what you need to eat and so on.  There is a basic guideline (see our vegetarian food guide on the same page right under ‘food diary sheet’ see link below) but the exact amounts will differ from person to person.  You need to experiment to discover what works for you.  I encourage you to keep a food diary. You can download one free here.

Do you have information on light therapy?

Light therapy is used for several reasons but the main two are seasonal affective disorder and depression. You need a minimum of 10,000 lux to benefit from a light. More info here.

What about magnets and alternative medicine are they dangerous, did EGW say to stay away from them?

Ellen White does NOT talk about magnets, but about magnetic healers. The danger is in the doctor not the medicine. Find a safe, scientifically sound, Christian doctor of whatever field you are looking for help in. For more info I encourage you to get the book: “Holistic Health, Holistic Hoax” by Richard Willis (Health Director for the UK conference) available from Total Health for Today.  "Angels of God will preserve His people while they walk in the path of duty, but there is no assurance of such protection for those who deliberately venture upon Satan's ground. An agent of the great deceiver will say and do anything to gain his object. It matters little whether he calls himself a spiritualist, an "electric physician," or a "magnetic healer." By specious pretenses he wins the confidence of the unwary. He pretends to read the life history and to understand all the difficulties and afflictions of those who resort to him. Disguising himself as an angel of light, while the blackness of the pit is in his heart, he manifests great interest in women who seek his counsel. He tells them that all their troubles are due to an unhappy marriage. This may be too true, but such a counselor does not better their condition. He tells them that they need love and sympathy. Pretending great interest in their welfare, he casts a spell over his unsuspecting victims, charming them as the serpent charms the trembling bird. Soon they are completely in his power; sin, disgrace, and ruin are the terrible sequel.”  {5T 198.1}

What about Ellen White and Cheese?

In Counsels on Diet and Foods we read “Cheese should never be introduced to the stomach; it is wholly unfit for food”  However, EGW did allow for unripen cheeses (cottage cheese, mozza, yogurt, etc.) under dairy consumption and it is my understanding this was clarified in the European Diet and Foods.  Thus in diet reform I always advocate the removal of aged cheese first, meat second, dairy & eggs third, honey fourth (make no mistake honey is an animal product!!!) -- if one is not going to go ‘cold’ turkey vegan.

I am not advocating eating a lot of dairy, only that one should be informed it they are going to proclaim what is healthy and what is not.  Ripened cheese falls into that quote for sure.  Once you understand the difference you would understand why.  Ripen cheeses are aged and the rennet (from cows, sheep, or goats) or pepsin (from pigs) bacteria ‘digests’ the cheese to create flavor, this means the cheese has been digested by similar stomach enzymes that you would have and what is left is a product very difficult to digest. This is why cheese makes you feel full longer, because it takes so long to digest and many, many people can't digest it entirely thus causing bloat, constipation, and other bowel symptoms.  Then aged cheese is left to mold on the outside to protect them from ‘spoiling’.  My grandparents used to make homemade cheese all the time. It could be left years in the cellar! I have found many fresh cheese options on the market, and there are even some very mild cheeses that are made exclusively from bacteria cultures rather than digestive enzymes. In my opinion, these cheeses are not as harmful as the traditional aged versions that have been "pre-digested."

Fresh (or unripe) cheese CANNOT be left out or even in the fridge very long before it will spoil.  I is NOT digested by ‘bacteria’ and does not have rennet or pepsin.  It is cultured with an enzyme exactly like yogurt. Currently the major health risks of eating dairy are of too much animal protein (not an issue if consumed occasionally) and disease!

The reason I am so convicted we should understand the difference is because I will partake in a meal as a gesture of friendship as long as the meal is close to counsel.  I also feel eating natural is healthier (and because I cannot eat beans, garlic, or onions) when dinning out I will make the best health choice as far as nutrition, not the most “vegan” choice.




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