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Health & Wellness Information For Vegans and All Diets

Menu planners, nutrition specifics, vegan food guide, and more. I highly encourage you to start with our FREE course "Optimal Health".

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About Me, My story!

Addictions - Overcoming all kinds of addictions. (this link takes you outside of our website)

Alcohol, Health & the Bible (this link takes you outside of our website)

Baking Powder - What's wrong with it?

Basic Nutrition for Vegetarians



Caffeine - Is it ok or not?

Calcium - Where does a vegetarian get their calcium from?

Canola oil - Healthy or Harmful??

Chocolate vs Carob - how good is one over the other? Is chocolate harmful?

Colds verse the Flu - what's the difference and what can we do to prevent them?

Diabetes & Vegans - can a diabetic eat vegetarian?

D3 Vitamin - how to get enough (leaving our website - Vitamin D Counsel has excellent info on Vit D)



Exercise - What is the best form?

Ellen White - who was she?

Ellen White on Basic Health




Fasting - Is that still done? What is it for?

Feed Your Blood - Fruit Cleanse - by Diane Castellarin

Fermented Foods

Food Additives Including MSG

Food Diary Sheet (PDF)

Food Guide for Vegetarians



Health Helpers - What is the basic recipe for health?

Hydrogen Peroxide - Is it a safe leaving agent?

Iron and the Vegetarian - can a vegan get enough iron without meat?



Leavening Agents


Mental Health and Wellness

Memory - Foods to Improve Memory & Brain Health

MENU for the Mind & Blank Menu Planner

Music and the Mind - What can music do for your mental health



Prenatal Influence and Care - What is best for your unborn baby?

Protein - Can I get enough as a vegan?



Raw Foods

Researching HEALTH - For the Christian

Researching HEALTH - From Science to Theory

Rest - How important is it for health?



Seniors and Health

Skin Care

Sourdough & Yeast

Soy, Tofu, and other 'threats' click here

Stimulating Food & Drink - why we should avoid them.

Sunlight & Environment - Health Quotes n Notes - pdf

Stress Management Tips



Water - How much do you need? Why is it so important?

Weight Loss & Healthy Weight


Vegetarian Food Guide - What should a vegetarian eat at a glance.

Vegetarian & Vegan Menu Planner with food idea list -- 135kb PDF

Vinegar and Fermented Foods

Yeast and other Leavening Agents