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Canola Oil - Healthy or Harmful

There are all kinds of myth and claims out there on many subjects, and no less on canola oil. Please read my two articles on researching and chocolate, because the 'anti-canola' articles are written much like those on chocolate. Logic, anecdotal stories, and scare tactics. But if you'd read my article on chocolate you'll realize logic is NOT always right, nor is it science. It's philosophy. Many of the claims against canola, i.e. it's used industrially for all kinds of toxic products can also be made for flaxseed (linseed on the commercial market). Chemicals are neither healthy or harmful on their own. For example there is cyanide in bamboo shoots. How we present truth can skew the underlying reality. The opposite is also often true, coffee and alcohol for example, are praised for their goodness but the many studies showing harmful effects are undermined or never mentioned.

If there is a controversy surrounding canola oil, why not just avoid it?

1. BAD idea to through out everything controversial. Herbs, hydrotherapy, certain medications, all can be in our best interest, but can also be controversial. Soy is on and off the controversy list, as are all carbs or grains. When we make decisions based on fear we can actually cause more stress in our lives which can be as, or more dangerous than the foods we eat. See the FREE course: Optimal Health for more.

2. Canola oil is an excellent source of Omega 3! A essential fatty acid we often do not get enough of!

With well established heart health benefits it is recognized by many health professional organizations including the American Dietetic Association, and American Heart Association, among others.

It has been extensively researched and no scientific study has proven a connection to any risk. Early studies seemed to suggest a possible link between canola oil and toxicity in rats. But further research confirmed that rats, do not metabolize any oil well, and therefore do not make good lipid research subjects. Unfortunately the flawed studies continue to be cited in error. There are some chemicals used in production like ANY other production like maple syrup or olive oil unless says 'cold pressed'. Research good sources/manufacturers.

Conservative plant based health professionals and speakers such as Vickie Griffin MS, Hum Nutr; MPA; MACN, Brenda Davis RD - "Making Sense of Fats and Oils" article, Dr. Neil Nedley, MD, and many others. All recommend the use of canola oil and have done their own research into the matter so I am not going to rewrite another full length article on this subject since there are plenty of great ones out there. Here are just a few for you to check out!

Learn more at Berkeley - INDEPENDENT of oil industry.



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