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Raw Food

Eating NO cooked food. The movement continues to grow. But at this time I am not comfortable with the STRICT raw food movement for several reasons (I do believe in eating raw food, just not "only raw").  

One reason is it is related to the "new age movement".  I am a Creationist Christian and base my decisions on those ideals since the Bible has been proven in my life to be completely trustworthy, both through the prophecy's that have been fulfilled exactly as laid out well after they were written and in my own personal experience with God working in my life.  All my decisions are first based on that.  

My next mode of determining what is right is science.  I do believe all TRUE science never disagrees with itself (see article on researching health).  Any time I've found conflicting theories, they are based on the interpretation of the evidence and not the evidence itself.  IE: Wine is good for you.  Wine is not good for you.  These are theories based on studies.  The studies themselves say: Wine causes breast cancer, but lowers heart disease risk.  Both are studies are valid, neither conflict. The conflict is in the interpretation that wine is good or bad.  When I look at research I go RIGHT to the source!!!   And so far there is not enough evidence to support a strict raw food.  Over and over cancer studies use cooked food and find promising results. IE: cooked tomatoes and shiitake mushrooms slow cancer growth*.

It is also very illogical once you've studied the human body from a scientific point of view. IE: advanced biology courses.  Some foods are plain and simply more nutritious and easier to digest when cooked. IE: more lycopene in tomatoes when cooked, more beta carotene in carrots, grains are easier to digest (in terms of starch, yes you can sprout and the green is easy to digest but not the wheat berry!).

Not to mention how can I live off the land (I live in Canada) year round on raw food?  Yes, I've heard of dehydrating, and sprouting, and freezing, but I'm not convinced that is truly raw anymore, as you've altered the cellular structure at that point.

Having said all that, I do believe in eat LOTS of raw, and especially if you have a disease you are working to fight! We regularly eat 50% of raw in our home, sometimes more. Salads, fresh fruits, and veggies.