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How to Care for your Skin Without Cruelty

By Jess Walter

vegan skin care

Being vegan could give you a head start when it comes to achieving a glowing, radiant and healthy complexion. Following a diet that is pure, natural and free from animal products can aid in helping to calm down common problems with the epidermis such as acne, eczema and psoriasis.

It can be helpful to take a holistic approach to your skincare regimen that takes in aspects of diet, fitness and store-bought or homemade vegan skincare products with a cruelty free approach. One method you can try at home is inexpensive, a great all-rounder and only uses two natural products. Here's the lowdown.


A Cruelty-Free Skincare Approach - The Oil Cleansing Method

This method of cleansing and moisturizing your skin is one that will naturally suit any type of skin whether oily, dry, combination or sensitive, because you are only using one product (oil), which contains no harsh chemicals, animal by-products or known skin sensitizers.

To explain this technique simply, you'll make a mix of two different oils to suit your skin. The base for the oil cleansing method is always castor oil, which is then mixed with a pure plant or vegetable oil to suit your own skin. The Oil Cleansing Method recommends using a blend of castor oil and sunflower seed oil, combined in different ratios depending on how dry or oily you find your skin to be. The oilier it is, the more castor oil you use. The drier, the less you'll use.

Work on the basis of using 10% castor oil to 90% sunflower oil if your skin is dry, and a balance of 70% castor oil to 30% sunflower oil if your skin is oily. This blend will keep fresh in a glass bottle when mixed and will simply need a shake each time you use it.

You'll need: A soft face, natural fibrefacecloth or muslin & Plenty of warm running water.


    • Pour a quarter sized amount of your oil blend into your hand and warm it gently.
    • Evenly spread this mixture over your face and begin to massage it in to loosen dirt, impurities and toxins. You can choose how long to massage for, but it's recommended at least two minutes per cleanse.
    • Once you feel your skin is clean, soak your cloth in the water and press it over your face, using gentle sweeping motions to remove all the build-up and oil from your skin. Rinse your cloth in warm water and repeat until all the oil is removed.
    • Some users of this method then recommend a second cleanse with the same mixture to achieve a really deep clean. If you want to do this simply go back and repeat the above steps again.
    • Once your skin is clean, give it a final rinse with cool water, pat dry with a clean, natural fibre towel and assess how dry or moisturized your skin feels. If you feel you need some extra moisture, take one to two drops of your cleansing oil blend and use this as your face moisturizer.

This method should be used morning and night to achieve healthy, clean, glowing and radiant skin alongside a sensible, balanced vegan diet.

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