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Stress Management Tips

Learn alot more about stress management from our FREE course "Optimal Health". Below are some quick tips for you to get started right now!


Sweet Soothing Solutions

Stand up: And get some exercise. This will pump up the endorphins and reduce the built up stress hormones coursing through your veins. Volumes have been written on the merits of exercise and health.

Simplify: Get rid of all the unnecessary things out of your home and life. A simple, well organized home is health to the mind. Clutter takes up space and time, and we all could use a little more time. Excess stuff can be physical, too many clothes in the closet, or mental - baggage from years gone by. Unload every unnecessary thing. This may take some work, do a little each day. Start in your favourite room and work through your entire home, office, and garage.

Schedule: Have a time for exercise, meals, quiet time, and so on written down. Planning can go a long way in helping simplify your life and reducing your stress level. Prioritize the important things in your life, put those into the schedule first. Then add the necessities - food, sleep, exercise, and work. Notice work is later on the list. If you starve, have a heart attack, or never see your children, what is the point of working?

Sea Breeze: Fresh air and deep breathing are great tools to reduce blood pressure and other effects of stress. Air blowing over moving water is rich in negative ions which are good for you.

Solar Power: The sun has many benefits for mental health, much like exercise.1 It will also add a little serotonin (the happy hormone) to your day!

Sound sleep: Sleep is needed in the production of melatonin, which is vital in the body’s arsenal of stress coping mechanisms.

Song: Singing helps to re-direct our thoughts and making music can not only improve mood, but reverse the stress genes2. In addition, listening to classical music has been documented to help frontal lobe function, which will help in your decision making.3

Service: Doing something for someone else is therapeutic.

Self-examination: Are you causing your own stress? Expectations, Erroneous thoughts, and Ego can all play a part in stress.

Spiritual: When POW’s are asked what is the most important thing that helped get you through - “faith in God” is the answer. 4

Sabbatical: Take a trip, a few days or a few hours, in nature. Nature has healing properties according to several studies.5

Sabbath: A day of rest from the cares of the world is one of the factors in longevity and health according to National Geographic.6

Sacrifice: Remember what God has done for you. An Attitude of Gratitude can go a long way.

(References are in the infosheet - numbers correspond to those references)