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Vaccination and Vaccines

An adapted letter in response to someone asking me about whether or not they should vaccinate their children.

My Doctor tried to talk me into vaccinating but I just refused and she was not in agreement but accepted my decision because I had researched it. DO NOT just take one book or one person's word for ANY medical advice. Especially not me (I am not a doctor).  This is just my personal decision. A good book on the subject is "100 years of Orthodox Research"  My personal stand on it from this book, many articles, and other testimonies as well as logic and science from taking physiology courses, I would not vaccinate my own baby (except perhaps if I lived on a mission field exposed to very dangerous disease that is VERY common in that area).  I would vaccinate an older child (12 or more) and even myself for very specific disease if needed.  IE: My husband had to have the Yellow-fever vaccine to go to Africa.  

Whooping Cough came through BC in our area and up North near some friends of ours who did not vaccinate, and we had no problems.  In fact, many childhood diseases are NOT life threatening for the most part, but even if they were I would take the risk of a natural death over an unnatural life long medical condition that not only affected physical but mental health.  For me quality of life is more important then safety or longevity (I believe heaven is just a short step away and that all our time here on earth is but a spec in time).  Plus I just don’t see the reality of vaccine propaganda.  During the Whooping Cough epidemic here in Canada (in the early 2000's), children who were vaccinated got very sick and those who were not were fine.  BUT, big BUT, all the children who are not vaccinated that I know do NOT go to school and do NOT live in the city.   Both of which can be hazardous to your health, LOL. 

Not all vaccines are bad. The reality is vaccination did eliminate polio, it’s just that I think we’ve gone too far and vaccinate too young.  We fear any illness with is ridiculous.  The bodies immune system, hygiene, quarantine (avoid other sick children), and healthful living will do more to prevent illness than vaccines.

Anyway, I hope that helps.  Living in the city, you are exposed to more disease and so you may consider all the risks.   You have to decide what are your needs, your priorities, PRAY, and believe God WILL show you the right thing for your family!!  Just God, not man!

Your friend,

Angela Poch


PS: Also consider LOOKING outside the USA for material - the Italians are really getting into vaccination controversy. The pharmaceutical companies have a very tight grip in the USA in treatment, legislation, and research. The documentary "Hot Coffee" is a real eye opener in regards to how money talks. Not particularly on pharmaceuticals but I encourage you to watch it.

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