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Vegan Vegetarian Cooking School - NOT just for vegans. Delicious recipes and health info for anyone.

We have a variety of online healthy living courses for the vegan, vegetarian, Mediterranean, flexitarian, and loveavore. From meal planning, vegan cooking, vegetarian cooking, or just getting started with a healthy lifestyle, we are here to help make it easy. With online cooking classes, nutritional courses, and more. Our healthy living video courses are only $10 for newsletter subscribers and some are even FREE, Plus get 3 free gifts so CLICK HERE to sign up right now!

We've had over 3000 students from 110 countries take our courses. We have over a 4 star rating and our courses are being sot after by several online schools. If you want to learn how to cook vegan, live healthier, and understand proper nutrition, you've come to the right place!

NEW: These wellness courses are available on Apple TV and iphones via the Udemy app! Also available on android via Google play store. Look for the Udemy app! We also have our healthy living and vegan cooking courses on DVD - Download our catalog right now!


Nutrition 4 Optimal HealthFREE COURSE "Optimal Health - Your Journey to Longevity, Health and Happiness" - NOW available!!!

Learn how to have health and happiness in this course on longevity and emotional wellness. Uses scientific evidence from the blue zone studies around the world.

15 lectures ~ 1.5 hours ~ Beginner Level

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Nutrition 4 Optimal HealthOne on One Health Coaching - NOW available!!!

Talk to a live certified nutritionist, certified life coach, cognitive behavior therapist, and the creator of all these courses on wellness, Angela Poch. Sometimes you need personalized help and that's what we are here for. Using zoom, you'll meet your coach live to talk about how to cook healthy, vegan vegetarian or other nutrition, restricted diets, living healthy tips, whatever your needing support on, we are here to help.

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Nutrition 4 Optimal HealthNutrition 4 Optimal Health

Learn detailed nutrition, based on the info from Optimal Health. This course with a focus on living health, longevity, and mental wellness. Includes nutrition tips for vegans and vegetarians. Meal planning, detailed nutritional information, healthy eating tips, and more.

24 lectures ~ 2 hours ~ Beginner Level

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how to become a veganHow to Become Vegan, Vegetarian, or Flexitarian

Get the tools you need for a lifestyle change that will bring you health and a clear conscience, from the steps on making changes to dealing with conflict. Not a cooking course but more about the philosophy of how to make these changes in your life and why.

13 lectures ~ 1.5 hours ~ Beginner Level

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how to become a veganVegan Vegetarian Cooking School

Learn to cook delicious vegan recipes and WOW your family with meals everyone will eat. This is our most popular health course with several thousand students over the years through DVD, online at several schools, and by correspondence. You will even learn basic vegan and vegetarian nutrition! We have several gluten free options as well!

47 lectures ~ 25.5 hours ~ Beginner Level

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how to become a vegan Nutritional Therapy - How Food Affects DNA & More

Using food to alter gene expression so you can live longer and have quality of life. Learn the powerhouse foods that are loaded with nutrients that fight disease.

21 lectures ~ 2 hours ~ Intermediate Level

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how to become a veganIncrease Your Metabolism and Lose Weight Naturally

A guide to weight loss by increasing metabolism and creating a balanced, wholesome lifestyle you can live with!

22 lectures ~ 1.5 hours ~ ALL Levels

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how to become a veganNutrition 2 Fight Inflammation

Using diet & lifestyle to prevent & manage diseases related to inflammation: auto immune disorders, arthritis & more.

32 lectures ~ 2 hours ~ ALL Levels

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how to become a veganHappy Kids Cooking Healthy

Children learn how to be healthy and cook some tasty dishes with 'chef' Jordan. From a Christian Vegetarian perspective.

20 lectures ~ 3.5 hours ~ Beginner Level

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how to become a veganHow To Put Own A Cooking Class

Learn how to put on your very own cooking classes to share health and wellness with others.

1 lecture ~ 1.5 hours ~ Intermediate Level (some cooking experience required)

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More coming soon - next one in June or July!

Upcoming topics include: Wellness Coaching, Healthy Families, Nutrition and the Brain, and much more.