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Entree Recipes

Basic Chilli

Basic Chili

Beet Roast

Beet Roast

Black Bean burger Black Bean Burger
Bun Burgers Bun Burgers
easy bean burger

Easy Bean Burger

Dinner Crumbles - ground beef substitute

Dinner Crumbles (Ground Beef)

Lentil loaf

Lentil Loaf


Golden Cashew Gravy

Golden Nuggets - chicken subsitute

Golden Nuggets (Chicken Nuggets)

spicy lentil dip pic

Spicy Lentil Dip

sweet n sour chicken balls

Sweet n Sour "Chicken Balls"

Tofu and Rice Casserole

ONE Dish meal - Tofu and Rice Casserole

Tofu Loaf - vegan turkey

Tofu Loaf (Tofu Turkey)- VIDEO

Veggie Pot Pie





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