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Spicy Lentil Dip (as spicy as you want it)

Buttermilk Biscuits gluten free vegan

NEW recipe. It will be in our gluten free slow cooker cookbook coming soon!

1 can (19oz) lentils, rinsed
½ cup diced tomatoes with chilies (adjust for spicyness to your taste)
2 tsp onion powder
1 cup water
⅓ cup tomato sauce
2 cubes "beef" flavored bouillon

Drain and rinse lentils. Puree them slightly until thick but still chunky. You can adjust this to your preference.
Combine remaining ingredients and place in a 1 qt crock pot. Cook on low for 8 to 12 hours. Serve with tacos, corn chips
Pita bread, or on Haystacks (taco salad).

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