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Tasty Brown "Beef" Bouillon

Taken from several of the Healthy Home Cookin' Cookbook Series.

Choose ONLY one of the options below. Nutritional Analysis used in recipes is with McCormick’s.

McCormick’s All Vegetable Bouillon - Beef: 1 cube

Better-Than-Bouillon –Veggie: 1 tsp

Blaney's Beef Like Seasoning: 1Tbsp

Bill's Best Beaf: 1 1/2 tsp

Jack Jr. Beef Flavor: 1 Tbsp

Homemade Recipe: 1/2 - 3/4 tsp salt, 1 tsp onion powder, 1/2 tsp garlic powder, 1/2 tsp carob powder – optional.

Vegetable Broth



McCormick’s is my first choice. This is in cube form. Gluten free, fairly inexpensive, in most grocery stores in CANADA, and tasty. (See below)

Better-Than-Bouillon is very tasty, quite healthy, in most grocery stores, and moderately priced. This is a paste. This company makes many favors, but NOT all of them are vegetarian. Read the label.

Blaney’s Beef Like Seasoning (they have other seasonings as well, all vegan and low in sodium)

Bill's Best Beaf is very healthy, a powder, but hard to find and expensive. Azure Standard carries it.

Jack Jr. is moderately priced, very tasty, not so healthy, a powder, and hard to find. Your “local” Adventist Book Store may carry this or will order it in.

Recipe is not “beefy”, but is an acceptable option.

Vegetable Broth: Use this in place of the liquid in the recipe. May need to adjust the salt or water or liquid called for.

Tips n Techniques
Hint: If the recipe calls for 1 Tbsp then I use Jack Jr. and if the recipe calls for 1 cube, I would use McCormick’s.

For those in the USA: I’ve contacted McCormick’s and they say it’s only available in Canada at this time. We purchase it at Wal-Mart and almost all our grocery stores carry it up here in Canada.

Your best alternative is the “Better Than Bouillon” series. They make a vegetarian Beef, vegetarian Chicken, and vegetable flavor, BUT they also make regular beef and chicken so read the labels! I found these very flavorful and I used them before finding the McCormicks. I’ve seen them in many different grocery stores in Montana, so hopefully you can find them in your area.

Try contacting them (maybe if enough people contact them they will see there is a market for this product in the USA)


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