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Vegan Egg Substitutes

Flax Gel
An egg white substitute - Gluten free.

1/2 cup flax seeds
2 1/4 cups water

Bring flax and water to a boil and let simmer 3 minutes.  Strain immediately.  To use: 1/4 cup flax gel for one egg.  Good in cookies, roasts, and breads.  Will not leaven or whip, but a good binder. Ready in: 10 minutes


Flax Eggs
An egg substitute adds nutrition but some 'flax' flavor as well

2 Tbsp golden flaxmeal (ground flax)
1/3 cup water

Wisk well and re-fridgerate for 30minutes. Use as needed. Makes 2 'eggs' (for one egg: 1 Tbsp flax, 3 Tbsp water)


Other Egg Substitutes for baking - For 1 egg:

1 Tbsp soy flour, 1/2 tsp oil (optional), and 2 Tbsp water
1 banana, blend smooth
1/4 cup med tofu, blend smooth
2 Tbsp ground flax seeds
1 heaping tsp Ener-G Egg Replacer and 2 Tbsp water (This will leaven a little.)  See directions on package.


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