Vegan Vegetarian Cooking School

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Vegan Vegetarian Cooking School Mini Lessons:

(Keep in mind these mini lessons are short 5 to 10 minute clips from the VVCS program and are edited for viewing on YouTube. The DVD's are full resolution, no "watermarks" or AD's, and 45 to 90 minutes long.)

Mini Lesson 1 - Quick Herb Buns

Mini Lesson 2 - Golden Seasoning

Mini Lesson 3 - Raspberry Almond Granola

Mini Lesson 4 - Tofu Omlette

Mini Lesson 5 - Baked Tofu

Mini Lesson 6 - Orange Cheese/Macaroni & Cheese

Mini Lesson 7 - Bread Pudding

Mini Lesson 8 - Tofu Turkey

Mini Lesson 9 - Alfredo Sauce

Mini Lesson 10 - Sabbath Bread (vegan Challah)

Mini Lesson 11 - Corn Chowder

Mini Lesson 12 - Creamy Millet Delight


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