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We want you to experience the POWER of nutrition so we NOW many of our health books online FREE of charge.

Each of these books will open as a PDF. If you have any trouble check your downloads folder as moany times they automatically are saved there when you click the link.

Get the book "Ministry of Healing" by Ellen G. White, written over 100 years ago and still amazingly relevant. Over and over science backs up this book. It is an excellent resource for body & mind, complete health -- click here.


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Your Guide to Becoming a Vegan Vegetarian.

Also available in far more detail as a course.>

Need help going vegan or vegetarian? Not sure if you are getting adequate nutrition? This 80 page book helps you learn how to change and how it affects those around you.

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My Health My Body

This complete health course for children age 7 to 12 is sure to help homeschoolers and vegetarians alike, from a creation perspective. ( vegetarian, but good for any diet) The 9 chapters: A Better Body is Important, Stepping Up into Good Health, My Mind Makes My Moods, Making My Muscle Move, Fabulous Foods that Feed Me, Water Within & Without, Super Sunshine & Ample Air, Slumbering Sleep, and Taming Tom with Temperance. Each covers a health principle in depth and has an assignment.

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desserts gluten free

Food Allergies & Food Sensitivities

Why are some foods seem toxic to some people, even healthy vegans? Discover the difference between allergies and sensitivities, what causes them, how to find out if you are sensitive, what foods can you substitute with, and much more in this 68 pg book. Workbook below compliments this book.


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Food Allergies & Food Sensititives WORKBOOK

This is a program to help you learn what foods are affecting you in 3 to 6 weeks! Recipes are gluten, wheat, soy, sugar, egg, diary, peanut, corn free, and free of most other common food sensitive ingredients. Organized by meal, the menus are all laid out, making it easy to follow. Compliments the above book, but is a stand-a-lone product.


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Health Quotes n Notes

Taken from Ellen White's writings, a health educator from the early 19th century. Ellen White is the most translated woman author and her sage advice is consantly being proven correct with modern science even though it was revolutionary advise in her era.


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Informational SHEETS!

Perfect for health seminar handouts these brochures were written by Angela Poch, CN Use for cooking schools, health seminars, Depression Recovery Programs, etc. With a solid frame work of scientific facts, and references to medical journal articles, these full color, brochures are packed full of information. THESE CAN still be purchased in bulk for handing out. Contact Us or download the catalog


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Online Courses

I have variety of online health courses for the vegan, vegetarian, flexitarian, and loveaore.


Nutrition 4 Optimal Health - including Tips for Vegans and Vegetarians

How to Become Vegan, Vegetarian, or Flexitarian

Vegan Vegetarian Cooking School

Nutrition 2 Fight Inflammation

How to put on your own cooking classes

Nutritional Therapy


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Tasty, healthy, vegetarian and vegan recipes.